We understand the critical need for infrastructure projects. They are vital to the economic development and social progress of communities, and we have strong networks and expertise in these areas.

Precast Concrete Construction

We offer efficient and reliable precast concrete construction services for various building projects. By utilizing precast concrete structures, we provide faster and more dependable building solutions while reducing construction time and costs. With our experienced team, we are committed to delivering satisfactory precast concrete construction services to our clients.

Residential Building Construction

We offer residential building construction services, committed to creating high-quality residential projects for our clients. With an experienced team and professional technical expertise, we can meet the diverse needs of various residential building projects. Our team has successfully delivered residential building projects in Saudi Arabia, exceeding contract values of over 300 million Saudi Riyals.

Public Building Construction

We provide comprehensive public building construction services, dedicated to delivering high-quality projects for public infrastructure and facilities. Our experienced team and professional expertise enable us to meet the diverse needs of public building projects. Our team has successfully delivered public building projects in Saudi Arabia, exceeding contract values of over 40 million Saudi Riyals.

Construction Labor Subcontracting

We offer comprehensive construction labor subcontracting services, encompassing labor supply, labor management, compliance and safety, and resource coordination. Through our construction labor subcontracting services, you can focus on core construction tasks while entrusting labor resource management and labor affairs to our professional team, enhancing project efficiency and quality.

Construction Project Management

We provide comprehensive construction project management services, including project planning and scheduling, quality control and supervision, budget and cost management, risk management and issue resolution, contract management and communication. Through our construction project management services, you can benefit from professional project management support and enhance opportunities for project efficiency, quality, and successful delivery.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

Through close partnerships with our collaborators, we are able to provide EPC services for our clients. As an EPC contractor, we take on the responsibility of managing the entire project lifecycle, from engineering and procurement to construction and commissioning.